Formalized in the Spring of 2019, we worked co-operatively together to create the short film Midland Motel Room 77'. Utilizing close friend and familial ties, we quickly began to self-produce our own Indigenous content. Modern, contemporary content. As the scale and scope of each project grew, we continued to explore and expand our membership to incorporate new skills and relationships. Each new member brought on board has been an asset to each of the projects, and continues to support our future work. 


We are currently working to further formalize our structure, moving to reflect the more traditional 'flat' structures of our communities past. Each member of the collective and has independently had personal successes in the music, visual arts, film, media arts, fashion, craft and theatre arts fields. Additionally, several members have experience with academic and administrative foci and have been able to assist in the on-going coordination of our business practices

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We envision a group of like-minded Indigenous artisans and accomplices who are interested in continually developing our collaborative approaches to modern artistic, storytelling and film production processes. It is our goal to constantly adjust our organizational structures and modes of storytelling to create inclusive, mindful spaces, and better represent Indigenous peoples in the mainstream 



The Bawaadan Collective is made up of a diverse and highly skilled
membership of artists and collaborators. Each member brings
complementary skills that have supported previous projects and will
contribute to the success of future initiatives



305 Lakeshore Blvd. Neyaashiinigmiing ON

N0H 2T0

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